Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sometimes the Irony is Extra Ironic: Non-Persons Sign Personhood Petition

The Colorado "personhood" amendment fails due to a high-volume of non-persons signing the ballot initiative...

To be precise, according to LifeNews, “The amendment fell 3,859 signatures short of the requirement and will not be on the November ballot.” 
That may not sound bad, but in reality it is much worse: You see, 86,105 signatures were required. They “got” 106,119, which is more than enough – if they are valid. 
Which the state determined more than enough of them were not. 
The State of Colorado rejected 23,873 signatures as invalid. By my math, that is 21 percent of the signatures. 
That’s a lot of dishonesty or incompetence or I don’t know what. When the Colorado Personhood Coalition writes “Thanks to all who took part in this tremendous effort” are they thanking all those who put in extra time faking signatures? Of course, we don’t know yet why they were rejected but the Personhood folks think they can get them back.
A 21% reject rate?  Hilarious.

Do you know what the rejection rate was for the recall Scott Walker signatures in Wisconsin?


Conservative ends always justify conservative means.  Lying, cheating and stealing... It's all in the name of Christ.  I'm sure he'd be so proud.

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