Friday, April 15, 2011

Why I won't be in Madison on Saturday

Former partial term Governor of Alaska and failed Vice-Presidential candidate
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin is coming to town. Her Tea Party thralls will make their pilgrimage from all across the region to worship at her Altar of Nonsense.  They will decry the calls from the left for a living wage for all Americans.  They will carry signs with dire warnings about our Kenyan President, the New World Order and "Death Panels." They will be glibly unaware of the irony that their cherished, faith-based adherence to failed economic policies designed to extract from them as much wealth as humanly (or inhumanly) possible. They will wear their badges of ignorance without irony, without understanding and without a concern for working American families.

But I'm not going to be there to see it.  You see, I made a pact with myself some time ago that, going forward, I am simply going to ignore Her Royal Irrelevance.  Please make no mistake. I do not wish her ill. I do not with her to contract some horribly disfiguring disease. I hope she lives a long, long life if only to see the return of fact-based policy analysis and the continued awakening of the American middle-class.  And to see the ultimate collapse of the Tea Party in a fury of their own cognitive dissonance.

Sarah Palin does not deserve my contempt.
Sarah Palin does not deserve my ire.
Sarah Palin does not deserve my spite.

And Sarah Palin certainly does not deserve my attention.

I'm not asking anyone to follow me, but when Sarah Palin comes to town, I'm plan to be somewhere else, undistracted by the Sturm und Drung of her Tea Party in a Teacup.

I will be working to build a more just and sane world.

And that's the last you'll hear on the subject of Sarah Palin.

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