Sunday, July 3, 2011

Childish Naiveté

In an editorial entitled What it Means to Support President Obama, Dante Atkins over at DKos wonders if he isn't being naive. (He is...)
I believe, perhaps naively, that in a second term, Obama will realize that his greatest dream of ending the vicious political divide in this country is unachievable. I also believe that in a second term, Obama will no longer have the consideration of what may or may not hinder a re-election bid. And I believe that Obama will want to leave a lasting legacy of fundamental change that will necessarily not include any participation from the Republican Party. And that can only make things get better from here.
I don't know what's worse, believing that Obama's "greatest dream" was a political reconciliation with the party of hate or the belief that Obama could have reconciled with them in the first place.  In either case, in a nation facing the greatest challenges in 80 years, reconciling with the GOP would have to be near the bottom of any list.

This kind of childlike adoration of Obama, a desperate hope that he is not the man he seems to be, a triangulating, capitulating DINO without the decisiveness necessary to tell the Republicans to go fuck themselves, means that one of two things will happen.  First, Obama will win and we will have four more years of weak, dithering, unskilled leadership of a nation in crisis or; second, we will have a Tea Party Thug as President and the nation will enter it's final death-spiral to fascism as the corporations take up permanent residence in the Lincoln bedroom.

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