Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fundamentalists in our Midst

Michael Lind over at Salon's War Room:
The rise of triple fundamentalism on the American right creates a crisis of political discourse in the United States. Back when conservatism was orthodox and traditional, rather than fundamentalist and counter-revolutionary, conservatives could engage in friendly debates with liberals, and minds on both sides could now and then be changed. But if your sect alone understands the True Religion and the True Constitution and the Laws of the Market, then there is no point in debate. All those who disagree with you are heretics, to be defeated, whether or not they are converted.
I don't know that I agree completely that prior to the rise of the so-called "triple fundamentalist" conservative that debate was entirely possible with the right, but I agree, things have gotten a lot worse since 2001.  As my friend Ari (@ari_WISCslob)suggests,  fear is a major factor in the radicalization of the right.  And the reaction of many high-profile leaders in the GOP to the attacks of 9/11 stoked and fed that fear because it represented a unique opportunity to grab power.  Cynical? You bet.

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