Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Not The Unions We Hate...

Corey Robin weighs in on why "we" (i.e. "liberals and pseudo-liberals in the chattering classes") hate teacher's unions... Hint: It's because we really hate teachers.
In my childhood world, grown ups basically saw teachers as failures and fuck-ups. “Those who can’t do, teach” goes the old saw. But where that traditionally bespoke a suspicion of fancy ideas that didn’t produce anything concrete, in my fancy suburb, it meant something else. Teachers had opted out of the capitalist game; they weren’t in this world for money. There could be only one reason for that: they were losers. They were dimwitted, unambitious, complacent, unimaginative, and risk-averse. They were middle class.
Remember kids... Greed is good.

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