Monday, September 10, 2012

When Two Bits Really Means Two Bits

Two bits of bacon that is!  Oscar Meyer is promoting its new thick cut bacon by proposing it be used as currency.  Indeed, bacon-based currency is an intriguing idea.  Unlike worthless gold, bacon is... well... BACON!
Mr. Sankey’s trailer will be filled by Oscar Mayer with a ton and a half of its new Butcher Thick Cut bacon, which he is to trade for food, fuel, a place to spend the night and anything else he might need during his trip from the New York area to Los Angeles, by way of a route that is to include what Oscar Mayer executives describe as bacon-loving locales like Charleston, W.Va.; Louisville, Ky.; Chicago; and Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Oscar Meyer recognizes the value of their new high-end bacon.
The new product “is the new gold standard in bacon,” Mr. Bick said, and “we think it’s worth its weight in gold” – thereby inspiring the cross-country barter binge. 
Gold standard!  Get it?  These marketing guys crack me up!

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