Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Runner's World Really, Really, Really Dislikes Paul Ryan

And with good reason.

According to Running USA, last year some 518,000 runners finished U.S. marathons. About 2 percent of them ran under 3 hours. 
Two percent. 
And those 2 percent busted their asses to get there, I promise you, every last one of them. 
They also were fortunate. Because even after all the miles, all the speedwork, the hills, the drills, the long runs, the pain... Even after all of that, a sub-3:00 marathon can be elusive. 
During his interview, Mr. Ryan casually told a national audience that he, too, is a member of this club. He isn't. He isn't even in the same solar system. 
("He wasn’t within a cannon shot of two-fifty," Robert Gauthier, the man who finished just ahead of Ryan in the marathon in question, told The New Yorker yesterday.) (And yes, Gauthier recalled his time there as "four-hour-ish," right away, without prompting.)
The polite word for that is "hubris."
That's a very good word to describe Paul Ryan.  Another good one is "liar."

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