Friday, October 21, 2011

Ron Paul Can't Do Math!

Yeah, I'd trust him with the largest, most complex economy in the history of the world.  Why do these idiots struggle so mightily with facts???  I mean to complain about the facts, easily checkable facts, about the GOP Teabate seems to me to be the height of arrogance.  The assumption that nobody is smart enough to go back and check.  Wow...

Ron Paul.  What an assclown...

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  1. Don't feed me that bullshit. According to Coop, Ron Paul first spoke 17 minutes from the start of the program, and spoke for about a minute (because that's how long they are allowed to speak for. At least he doesn't devour/spread his time like Romney, Bachmann, Perry or Cain.

    Then, he spoke at the count of 38 and a half minutes, approximately, for another minute. That is a gap of 20 minutes! (38-18=20!!!)

    So, say from 39:30 to 54(or 53:54, whatever), that's about 14 minutes and 26 seconds.

    Now, let's evaluate: Ron Paul spoke 7 minutes into the debate, so: (17-7=10, so 17-10=7!)(36-10=26, 54-10=44, ect)

    After 45 minutes of total debate so far, Ron Paul has spoken 3 times for about a minute each time, +/- say a minute for rebuttals (I don't remember the whole debate from beginning to end, even though I watched it). So 4 (3 minutes + human error lmarginator) minutes of total speech out of 45 minutes of debate.

    That's: (100/45*4=8.9%)
    Wait, there's 8 people, 10/8 is 10.25, maybe if you included the moderator, and I don't know was Gary Johnson there that night? If he was, that's 10 people total that speak, maybe give them each 10% of the total speaking time?

    The moderator, if he's smart enough, really only has to use 15 seconds to ask a good question, so all these factors included, why doesn't Ron Paul get even 10% of speaking time!?!?

    He has over 10% of the votes. If you were to look at every user-controlled online poll, he beats them with 50% and above (out of 8 people). Gallup, it's between 8 and as high as 14, maybe higher at some peaks I don't know but don't get me started on the straw polls!

    "No gap longer than 19 minutes, 16 seconds".

    More importantly why does anyone support Gov. Romney? He's a clone! You want to vote for the status quo, go ahead it's your ticket into slavery so I hope you like the government telling you how much money you make and how much you spend!