Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walker Hides behind Corporate Coattails (again)

Other people's coattails are handy to cower behind when you're a coward.  Scott Walker refused to face the constituents he's put out of work.  A group of constituents gathered to express their concern with the state's ongoing job losses and perhaps meet with the Governor who was discussing this very subject with business "leaders." No such luck.
The rally took place outside of Gov. Scott Walker’s secret, invitation-only, jobs forum. Inside the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, Gov. Walker was meeting with select business leaders on how best to create jobs in Wisconsin. We know that the past strategy of tax breaks for the super-rich and corporate allies has not worked for the working families in Wisconsin.

Workers were refused entrance to the forum. When unemployed constituents requested to meet with Walker to discuss jobs, the building owner refused entry.

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