Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Charlie Sykes: The Once and Future Douchebag

Why am I not surprised?
Michael Maistelman, a lawyer for defendant Timothy Russell, sent an email to radio talk show host Charlie Sykes on Jan. 22, tipping off Sykes to the likelihood that two other former Walker aides would be charged that week. Those aides, Darlene Wink and Kelly Rindfleisch, were charged four days later on Jan. 26.
Sykes and other defenders of the Republican governor have complained of illegal information leaks on the Doe investigation, which was launched more than two years ago. Sykes' radio program is aired on WTMJ-AM (620). Sykes said he has referred to the investigation as "leaking like a sieve," without putting the blame on prosecutors.
Once a douchebag, always a douchebag. Your "free press" hard at work!
Sykes declined to comment Tuesday on the email he got from Maistelman, who didn't immediately return a call.

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