Monday, June 18, 2012

Shrill Harpy Remains Shrill

One of the people behind the dust-up at Blogging Blue that got me booted was a shrill harpy named Monica.  Monica is a quality human being, if by "quality" you mean "horrific."  Her latest rant about Zach's expression of appreciation for my contributions to Blogging Blue is a paen to self-indulgent, misanthropic harpy-ness spiced with a dash of conspiratorial accusatory drivel.
Really, Zach. You are “thanking” Phil Scarr for not having any hard feelings? You are thanking him when he links to a post that calls me a “troll”…when you know nothing could be further from the truth.

First…to cover his bad behavior he calls me a “conservitard” which you know is not true but you don’t say anything…and now he calls me a “troll” and you still don’t say anything except…”thanks Phil”. Wow.

Well…let me put this in perspective. I posted a completely legitimate question about sexist “wise cracks” being made by Phil Scarr and some liberal commenters. I got attacked by Phil Scarr and then he purposely sent my comment to SPAM land. Now…the way wordpress works is it saves all spammed comments…but mysteriously my comment was not saved. Where did it go? Did Phil Scarr…the IT manager…hack into Blogging Blue and delete it before Zach could see it? My belief is he did…and even Zach posed this same question to me in an email. If this is the kind of behavior you all respect and “thank” people for you all are hypocrites.
I love blogging.  It brings out the best in people.  I especially love the Kafka-esque accusation (in her ranting she hints that Zach was somehow complicit in this accusation, something that I will deal with another time) that I somehow "hacked" into the system and erased a comment?  Really???  Wow...   Evidence, though, will be hard to come by since it never happened.

Well, perhaps it's for the best that I have moved on (or, more accurately was terminated from my blogging role at Blogging Blue).  Several other progressive Wisconsin blogs have expressed interest in having me join their stables of writers but I think I'll run on my own for a bit.  I'm less likely to get kicked out that way.

I don't mind disagreements, but I will certainly not stand by and have my integrity impugned by a shrill harpy like Monica nor will I tolerate this kind of unfounded accusation.

If you have evidence, bring it forward.  I welcome it.  Until then, you can shut the fuck up.

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