Saturday, June 23, 2012

Debt Ceiling Follies Redux

We're coming up to the debt ceiling. Again... Oh joy.  Here are some suggestions for ways President Obama can manage it without succumbing to Republican terrorism.
Obama could cite the 14th Amendment to blow past the debt ceiling, Geithner could mint platinum coins, Bernanke could order the Fed to buy $2 trillion in postage stamps (I hope they’re Forever stamps so they’re hedged against inflation) or Obama could stick to form– stand firm for 15 minutes and then act like General Hull at the Battle of Detroit (“General Hull’s own forces still outnumbered those of the approaching enemy, but he did not know this. Feeling the situation within in the fort hopeless, he ran up a white flag and quickly agreed to surrender”).
I quite like the idea of buying stamps.  That would solve the USPS budget problem, the debt ceiling problem and boost the sale of the coolest stamp in recent memory!

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