Friday, June 29, 2012

Normally Reliable GOP Assassination Team Fails to Hit Target

Remember, Republicans have been campaigning on this since 2009.
[I]f Mitt Romney wins the election and Republicans take control of the Senate, they should repeal the Affordable Care Act. At that point, they will have won two straight elections atop a platform in which repealing the ACA was a central, explicit promise. The American people will have spoken with unusual clarity, and part of what they will have said, whether they meant to say it or not, is repeal the ACA. If Republicans failed to follow through, they would be breaking a central campaign promise.
Do you know the real reason conservatives are angry about the decision of the Supreme Court?  Because now their elected Tea Zombies will actually have to get their hands dirty taking away a popular and important health benefit. They can't simply point to the Constitution and shake their heads solemnly.  "There's nothing we could do to save it," they were counting on saying.  Instead, Justice Roberts has put them in the corner and told them to do their own wetwork.  That is why they are so upset.  They wanted a consequence-free rejection of the law to keep their fat-cat private insurance industry donors from being held to account.

You want this law dead?  Kill it yourselves, punks...

Put your money where you mouths are, bitches. 
Take these benefits away.  
I'm sure that will work out well for you.

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