Friday, August 26, 2011

Adios, Tea Party!

It's not looking good for the nearly all-white Tea Party.  And we're a better nation for it!
The latest wave of 2010 Census data, released this week, confirms what earlier surveys have strongly hinted: virtually half of recent births in the U.S. are minorities. We are becoming a more globalized nation than most Americans have experienced in their lifetimes. The great demographic change has potential long term benefits for our population growth in terms of our economic competitiveness in the international marketplace. But these changes, coming so quickly and evolving from the “bottom up” of our age structure, may exacerbate existing cultural generation gaps, as older, largely white generations may be slow to recognize the promise of this change.

The new Census results show 49.8 percent of infants under age one are members of a race-ethnic minority – up from 42.4 percent in 2000. Given this trajectory, and the fact that the Census was taken well over a year ago, it is almost certain we have now “tipped” racially, and more than half of all national births are minorities. More than a quarter of infants are Hispanic, Blacks and Asians comprise 13.6 and 4.2 percent, respectively. Nearly one in twenty births were reported to be two or more races.
The "under 5" and "5-17" cohorts are extraordinarily diverse.  Much more so than my own.  The face of America is changing forever.  And the racist Tea Party can't deal.  That's why we've had a rash of voter disenfranchisement legislation recently.  They can't stand that the world is turning browner.

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