Sunday, August 21, 2011

When you Lay Down with Teabagger Dogs...

Don't complain when you get fleas...  Business leaders are suffering at the hands of the beast they created.  The Astroturf teabaggers are destroying any hope of economic recovery and it's not just the unemployed who are suffering.  Businesses are at the mercy of the teabagger instane stupidity too.  I can't say I'm terribly surprised.  Fostering the political whims of the know-nothing teabaggers isn't good for anyone, especially business.  So forgive me if I have a little schadenfreude moment here.  When you learned economics from back of a matchbook, these results are hardly surprising.
When the federal government was on the brink of default and the economy hung in the balance, the nation’s business leaders had a chance to step forward and push for a long-term solution. They could have supported a grand bargain that cut spending and raised tax revenue. They could have warned House Republicans that it was far too risky to use the debt ceiling for political leverage.

Instead, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Financial Services Forum and other important players wrote a series of weak letters to the White House and Congress saying, in essence, “just don’t default.”

It will be difficult for business leaders to change the minds of the Tea Party lawmakers, even those who rode to office on ads paid for by the chamber and similar groups, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. A responsible argument by business for a balanced approach to reviving the economy and reducing the deficit could change the debate in Washington. President Obama is moving — although too slowly — in the right direction; the American public knows that jobs, not tax cuts, are the No. 1 priority; and the House leadership may even be willing to compromise if business leaders give them cover.

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