Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recall Elections Both a Win and a Loss for Progressives

Tuesday's recall elections were both a win and a loss for progressives in Wisconsin, and indeed, across the nation.  Putting it into perspective, prior to last Tuesday, there had only been two successful recalls of elected state officials in the previous 80 years and we managed to get two in 6 months.  That's quite remarkable.

People (myself included) are disapointed that we were not able to secure the necessary three seats to derail the reactionary Walker agenda, but hopefully, we'll make the senate less of a rubber stamp for his more egregious agenda items.  I don't hold out a lot of hope that Republican's are capable of independent thought and action from the will of the GOP Collective (for a group that reportedly hates Socialism, they sure do act like the Borg) but perhaps one might jump across the aisle from time to time to vote sensibly.  We'll see.

As The New York Times opines this morning,
Republicans will not admit this, but the numbers showed significant strength for Democrats even in the districts they lost — strength that could grow if lawmakers continue cutting spending and taxes while reducing the negotiating rights of working families. In one rural senatorial district that had not elected a Democrat in a century, the Democratic candidate reached 48 percent of the vote. Another race was also close, and as Nate Silver noted in The Times, the overall results suggest that a contemplated statewide recall of Mr. Walker himself would be too close to call. (Two Democrats face recalls next week.)
The fight continues!  The battle on this front was not a victory, but it does show the tenacity and power of real grassroots organizing.  Well done, Wisconsin!

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