Monday, August 29, 2011

Governor Walker Imperils Wisconsin Competitiveness!

As part of the draconian budget rammed through the rubber-stamp legislature, Governor Walker is risking the competitiveness of Wisconsin's workforce by passing on significant educational costs to students in higher-education.
UW-Milwaukee undergraduates and faculty will bear the brunt of Governor Scott Walker’s controversial biennial budget cuts to the UW System this semester, paying 51 percent of the $16.8 million dollars lost annually in state revenue.

Undergraduate Wisconsin residents can expect a 5.5 percent increase in tuition this semester, approximately $400 per student, with the possibility of another increase next year.
Increasing the burdon on already overburdened students and faculty will drive the best and brightest students out of the state and to other states which value public education.  Walker is doing everything he can to dumb down the Wisconsin electorate to ensure he and his Teabagger stormtroopers in the legislature will enjoy the fruits of a thousand-year Reich.

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