Friday, September 9, 2011

Forgetting 9/11

The magazines of the U.S.S. Arizona explode
The "Greatest Generation" let Pearl Harbor go 10 years after it happened and 6 years after the defeat of Germany, Italy and Japan, we need to do the same for 9/11.  The pathos and garment rending of our leaders over the event is sad and distracting us from fixing the dire problems that face the nation.

Ten years after Pearl Harbor, the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack barely made the news.
The L.A. Times front page on Dec. 7, 1951, made no reference to the anniversary. The lead stories reported on new "atomic artillery" that could be used in the Korean War, and heavy snow on the ridge route. The second section did have a column on the Pearl Harbor anniversary, which opened, "This is the day on which innumerable Americans ... will be tempted to go about boring other Americans to death with their reminiscences of where they were and exactly how they heard the news" a decade earlier. Of course this form of boredom could be avoided — by not reminiscing about Pearl Harbor.

The New York Times had nothing about the anniversary on its front page on Dec. 7, 1951....
Let's put 9/11 to bed and get on with our lives and the rebuilding of our nation.  Enough sadness, enough pathos, enough mourning.  Get over it already.

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