Thursday, September 8, 2011

Standard & Poors Continue the Downward Slide into Irrelevancy

In case you were unaware, the "good" folks at S&P have determined through their bestest scientific processes that the bonds built on subprime mortgages are still a great (read: AAA) investment, while United States Treasury Bills, not so much (AA+).  So the Tea Party Downgrade was more significan an event that the economic collapse of 2008/2009.  Really, S&P?  Really???
Standard & Poor’s is giving a higher rating to securities backed by subprime home loans, the same type of investments that led to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, than it assigns the U.S. government.

S&P is poised to provide AAA grades to 59 percent of Springleaf Mortgage Loan Trust 2011-1, a set of bonds tied to $497 million lent to homeowners with below-average credit scores and almost no equity in their properties. New York-based S&P stripped the U.S. of its top rank on Aug. 5, saying Washington politics were making the country less creditworthy.
Simply amazing.  Personally, I give S & P a score of FFF.

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