Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Screaming at the TV Last Night

The Tea Party GOP Braintrust

I share The Incidental Economist's shock and horror...
Let’s start here with the moment I screamed at the TV. I’m sorry, but the audience cheering the idea of letting a thirty-year old who got sick without insurance die is appalling. You can dislike the moral hazard, you can bemoan the fact that people don’t take enough personal responsibility, you can even wish that society wouldn’t have to be on the hook when uninsured people get sick. But don’t take pleasure in that fact. Right now, there are thirty-year olds who don’t have jobs, can’t find work, and can’t afford insurance. Letting them die if they get sick is not “good”. It’s not even “freedom”. Applauding that is depressing.
This was a good glimpse into the heart of darkness that lies inside every Teabagger.  These are abhorrent people.  Aberrant people. People without compassion or feeling.  Dare I say it... evil people.  They are judgemental fucksticks who think that they know the way to "freedom," the same way they know the path to heaven.  And that path leads over the bodies of uninsured Americans.

The death of the uninsured is simply the fault of the uninsured in their world.  Circumstances be damned. The poor are poor because they chose to be poor.  Just like the rich are rich because they all work hard.  This is their vision of America.  An America where the sick can just die.  Well fuck them, that is not my America.

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