Thursday, June 16, 2011

British Teachers Vote to Strike!

Left Futures:
It is a peculiar quirk of capitalist thinking that the individual ambition of workers is lauded and encouraged but the ambition of a group of workers to protect their position is one of the deadliest sins you can commit.
British teachers have voted overwealmingly to go out on strike over... wait for it... wait for it... pension reforms.  Yes, fellow 'Sconies, the teachers in the UK have the balls to go out on strike to protest their treatment at the hands of their government.  And quite a few other unions will be going out on strik in solidarity with them!  Well done.
More than 300,000 teachers were balloted in total, and the walkout is set to be the biggest day of action by teachers in decades.

Members of the PCS union voted by 61.1% in favour of strikes, and by 83.6% for other forms of industrial action, in a turnout of 32.4%.

The union is protesting at planned changes to pensions as well as job cuts and a pay freeze for civil servants as part of the Government's austerity measures.

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