Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taste the Cognitive Dissonance!

Sometimes I think that people can't get out of the way of their own ideology.  In a post that says this:
Currently there is no compelling evidence to suggest that higher levels of Government involvement in the economy may stifle investment returns. However, inevitably returns will be affected.
Then you post a chart like this:
The annualised sharemarket returns for several major economies for the 39 year period ending 31 December 2008.
Source: ‘Government Intervention & Stock Returns’, Westin Wellington, MSCI data, July 2009
where the "socialist" economies of France, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden all outperform the Market Paradise United States, what can you really say about large governments and their impact on economic productivity?  Despite all the evidence presented in your own chart, you must conclude
For every $1 spent by Government, it is $1 less spent by private enterprise. In the long term, we believe in Adam Smith’s statement that, in general, markets should be free of Government influence.

This shit just writes itself, doesn't it?

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