Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Death of the American Dream

David Frum:
Workers’ share of U.S, national income is collapsing.

Two questions for the Republican presidential candidates:

1) Is this a problem?
2) If yes, what can be done about it?
Good questions, David.  Let me help. 

1) Yes, how could it not be?  Just another measure showing the rich getting richer and the poor and working class getting fucked over by a system that's completely off the rails.
2) You're more likely to get a sensible answer from a chimp in a cage at the zoo flinging his shit at you through the bars of his cage than you would from any of the ass clowns running for the GOP nomination.  All the ass clowns will say is "cut taxes" because that's all their masters will allow them to say.

Any other questions?

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