Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Problem with the Economy is Clean Air and Water

The Cuyahoga River on fire, November 3rd, 1952
The Los Angeles Times:
House Republicans, especially those of the "tea party" ilk, think they know the cause of our country's economic woes: environmental regulations. As a result, they loaded up the appropriations bill that funds the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency with dozens of riders that would encourage deadly pollution of the air and water, set back efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and allow uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, among other things. Such riders are commonplace on annual appropriations bills, but Washington insiders say they've never seen such a breathtaking assault on the environment.
While they may live on another planet, they're busy trashing ours.  Again.

Cuyahoga River pollution in 1969
Total Fucking Assholes.

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