Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's like a game of Chess

The Daily Journal is reporting that Democrats will run "placeholder" Democratic candidates in primaries to ensure that all recall elections happen on the same day.
Democrats plan to run what they call 'placeholder' candidates in six races, thereby guaranteeing that a Democratic primary will be needed in each election and ensuring that the final general elections will be held on the same day.

"There are Democrats who offered to join the ballot to make sure all elections are held on the same day," said Gillian Morris, the press secretary of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. "That will make it easier for voters to know they're going to the polls on the right days."


By running "placeholder" Democratic candidates in all six races and guaranteeing six primaries, Democrats would deny Republicans any chance to cherry-pick which races had Democratic primaries and which didn't. It would also ensure that all six general elections would be on the same day, which would be Aug. 9.

This is an excellent strategy to keep the GOP from splitting the elections up across two different dates and creating more confusion than there already is about the recalls.  The Democrats also deny that they will run "fake" GOP candidates.
Democrats also said Saturday they won't run fake Republican candidates to force GOP primaries, even if the other party was doing the same.

"We never have done that, and won't start now," Democratic party chair Mike Tate said in a statement.

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