Monday, June 6, 2011

New York Times Calls Out GOP

In an editorial in today's New York Times, America's Paper of Record, the Tea Party GOP is taken to the woodshed for their endorsement of two voter disenfranchisement strategies: Voter ID and the elimination of early voting.
The biggest part of that effort, imposing cumbersome requirements that voters have a government ID, has been painted as a response to voter fraud, an essentially nonexistent problem. But Republican lawmakers also have taken a good look at voting patterns, realized that early voting might have played a role in Mr. Obama’s 2008 victory, and now want to reduce that possibility in 2012.
Republicans said the measure would save money, a claim as phony as saying widespread fraud necessitates ID cards. The North Carolina elections board, and many county boards, said it would actually cost more money, because they would have to open more voting sites and have less flexibility allocating staff members. Black lawmakers called it what it is: a modern whiff of Jim Crow.
Racists to the core, your modern Tea Party GOP in action.

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