Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Private Healthcare Insurance Bleeding America Dry

The parasitic private healthcare insurance industry is bleeding our nation dry.  That giant sucking sound is dollars flowing from the public coffers into the pockets of bloated insurance company bureaucracies.  The cost of subsidizing this vampiric industry will destroy our country.
Atop our giant government health-care sector, we have an even more giant private health-care sector. Altogether, we’re spending about 16 percent of the GDP on health care. No other country even tops 12 percent. Which means we’ve got the worst of both worlds: huge government and high costs.

This is where a “serious conversation” on health-care costs would start — with what has worked, and what we can learn from it. Instead, it’s where our conversation about health-care costs never quite goes.
The control this systemic insurance industry leech exerts over the healthcare spend in America is immense.

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  1. The cost of a health care insurance nowadays are up to the neck. When you avail one it really does suck your wallet dry.