Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Rumors of Medicare's Demise Have Been (Repeatedly) Exagerated

Take a gander at this chart from Angry Bear on the projection of Medicare's demise over the years

It's probably a good thing that the trustees aren't handicappers at the track, they'd go broke.
The attack on Medicare with the threat of vouchers or overhaul has never had justification beyond "the sky is falling" proclamations. Furthermore such an overhaul would have no impact upon rising healthcare costs. Try (I did) finding out what certain services cost so you can control the cost of an outcome in a privatization scenario, when you are seriously ill, and the answers or non-answers from your doctor and the staff will only forestall your diagnosis/remedy.


  1. The problem with medicare is that it lessens the competency of our first order physicians or the ones who we go to check up for because of the lower cost of their services rather than those doctors who perform operations are credited highly in the medicare problem.

  2. Can you provide data on this disparity in care quality between general practitioners and specialists? I'm curious. Thanks!