Monday, June 13, 2011

Tea Party Objective #1: Devolution

Not in the biological sense, but in the sociological sense.
What is to be reversed is the “modern” agenda. The aim a century ago was to mobilize the Industrial Revolution’s soaring productivity and technology to raise living standards and use progressive taxation, public regulation, central banking and financial reform to distribute wealth fairly and make societies more equal. Today’s financial aim is the opposite: to concentrate wealth at the top of the economic pyramid and lower labor’s returns. High finance loves low wages.

And why? Because we "can't afford it."  Of course, this is the ultimate zombie lie that won't die no matter how many times you shoot it in the head with facts.  The mindless Tea Zombies shamble along chanting, "We're broke, we're broke, we're broke.... BRAINS...."  Their corporate masters are so proud of their creations. Zombies don't question motives.  It works out so well.
Creditors today are using debt leverage to force Greece to sell off its public domain – having extended credit beyond its ability to pay. So the question now being raised is whether the nation should be deemed “solvent” if the only way to carry its public debt (that is, roll it over by replacing bad old loans with newer and more inexorable obligations) is to forfeit its land and basic infrastructure. This would fundamentally alter the relationship between public and private sectors, replacing its mixed economy with a centrally planned one – planned by financial predators with little care that the economy is polarizing between rich and poor, creditors and debtors.
This is similar to what the Dear Leader is attempting to do in Wisconsin by selling off public utility assets to private investors (aka The Koch Whores).

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