Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update on the SEIU / Sodexo Battle: This round to SEIU!

Sodexo is a European company that hate's to follow the law in America.  While they pay their European workers a living wage with benefits because European nations insist that they do, here in the US, they can't be bothered.

The NLRB has indicated that they will pursue charges against Sodexo and Tulane University for violations of American labor laws.
The complaints include allegations that Sodexo spied on pro-union workers, fired an employee in retaliation for union activity, threatened pro-union workers with termination, used Tulane police to expel union organizers from campus and used TUPD as its agent to interrogate employees regarding union activity.

Additionally, the NLRB is pursuing allegations that Tulane violated labor law by illegally detaining and expelling pro-union employees, videotaping pro-union employees and illegally interrogating pro-union employees in front of their Sodexo managers using TUPD officers.

Region 15 NLRB Director Kathleen McKinney confirmed the allegations against the university and Sodexo.

“We have about a 90 percent win rate when the federal government takes corporations and employers to court over labor law violations,” McKinney said.


  1. fact based. hilarious. How much do you know about SEIU, comrade?

  2. Not sure what you mean by "fact based, hilarious." Are you disputing the facts of the news story? Or are you disputing something else? And I know a lot about SEIU, why?