Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WalkerMillerCoors Corp. Goes After Small Breweries in Wisconsin? REALLY???

Beer Kettle from the New Glarus Brewing Company
In a move sure to win friends and influence voters (though perhaps not in the way they intend) the WalkerMillerCoors Corporation intends to implement new restrictions on small breweries and brew pubs in the Badger State.  I'm sure this is a well thought out plan with clear voter support.  Uh huh...
  • All Wisconsin Breweries and Brewpubs will be negatively affected by losing their Wholesale and retail licenses and the benefits those licenses provide.
  • Eliminates the current option of a brewer choosing to self distribute or starting a Wholesale distribution company.
  • Eliminates a Brewers current right to have ownership in two restaurants.
  • Protects (Grandfather Clause) currents Wholesalers retail licenses, while eliminating that benefit for new start up Wholesalers.
  • Unfairly burdens new Wholesalers and breweries with a requirement of 25 separate independent retail customers before a Wholesale license can be granted.
  • Eliminates the ability of Brewers to sell existing retail or wholesale operations separately from the brewing operation.
  • Eliminates current Wholesale investment in privately held Wisconsin Breweries while allowing
  • investment in out of state and foreign and publicly traded breweries.
Nothing to see here, citizens, move along... move along...

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