Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Germany Plans Big Military Cuts

Young German Soldiers being sworn in
In an article in the New York Times, details of a forthcoming plan to slice military spending €8 billion by 2015.
BERLIN — Signaling one of the biggest shake-ups in decades for the German military, Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière on Wednesday unveiled plans to reduce troop numbers, cut bureaucracy and eliminate duplication inside a ministry known for its conservative and cumbersome structures....

Under the proposals that Mr. de Maizière presented Wednesday to the cabinet and later to military and defense experts at the Julius Leber Barracks in Berlin, the army would be turned into a solely professional force. The number of troops would be reduced to around 185,000, from 250,000, of which 5,000 to 15,000 would be short-term volunteer recruits.
With America's massive overspending on our military-industrial complex, it's heartening to see a large industrialized nation, with a strong military past, looking to reform it's own military spending.

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