Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Spanish Revolution Redux

Thousands of Spanish protesters demonstrate at the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid on
May 18, 2011 to protest against the economic crisis.
Looks like people of Spain are taking to the streets to protest the economic behavior of their government.  They're fighting against regressive austerity that is not accomplishing anything except creating widespread disaffection with government and no tangible economic benefit.  21% unemployment (over 40% for young people) is driving the protests forward.  Madrid looks very much like Madison looked in March (minus the snow!).
By the early hours of Friday, it was already elbow-room only in the Puerta del Sol – the square which prides itself on being Spain's "kilometre zero", the spot from which all other distances are measured.

On the statue of King Carlos III, somebody had pinned a sign that read: "We are anti-idiots, not anti-politicians." Other placards read: "We aren't against the system, we want to change it", "Democracy, a daily fight", and "Take your money out of the bank!"
Wisconsin can learn from these experienced Spanish protestors.

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