Monday, May 23, 2011

Tweets that Piss Me Off: Teachers Don't Deserve A Defense

Damn this kind of thing pisses me off.  Some wingnut website called United Taxpayers of Wisconsin (a front for something I don't have the interest to research) tweeted the following
Of course there's more to the story (like a whole other side of it, from the teacher in question for instance).  But in wingnutopia it's OK to flush $250MM down an insurance boondogle toilet, but spending money because some parasitic teacher thinks they have the right to defend themselves against an unfair termination of employment? Well fuck that shit.
“In these days in a shortage of cash we’re loath to spend money on lawyers,” said Ellen Lindgren, president of the Middleton-Cross Plains School Board. “On the other hand, we believe the community supports the termination of a teacher who intentionally accesses pornography.”
And if the school district supported termination of a teacher who intentionally accessed atheism sites, would that be OK? Or sites which talk about abortion? Or some other wingnut fear encrusted dog-whistle?  I understand we don't want teachers accessing porn, but is that really grounds for termination?   And if it is, was that clearly stated in school district policies? The teacher's union doesn't think so and they're fighting the district.
Union leaders say the case isn’t about teachers viewing porn on a school computer — an action they agree is wrong. Rather, they argue the discipline for Harris and the others was unjust and not based on clear standards or objective criteria.

A union lawyer, Willie Haus, also alleges the district went after Harris because he was a union leader who had criticized the School Board.
This is just another in a long series of attempts by reactionary wingnuts to trash our public education system at every turn. Well fuck them.

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