Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Momentum Still Behind #WIUnion Activists!!!

A new poll from Public Policy Polling clearly shows the momentum to recall the reactionary Republican Senators and Governor Scott Walker is strong.
[T]here is no question that if he were to be recalled, voters would be squarely behind his Democratic challenger, whether it is Russ Feingold (52-42) or Walker’s 2010 opponent Tom Barrett (50-43).  That mirrors the 52-45 spread when PPP asked voters three months ago who they would vote for if they could do last fall’s gubernatorial election over again.
Walker's popularity in Wisconsin continues to swirl around the bowl prior to his inevitable flushing in January.
Voters have soured even further on Walker’s job performance.  43% approve, and 54% disapprove, down from 46-52 in the previous poll.  Still more Republicans disapprove than Democrats approve, and independents have moved from 45-53 to 40-56.  “The enthusiasm for recalling Scott Walker is still there three months after the height of the protests in Wisconsin,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling.  “He’d be done if the vote was today, it’s just a question of whether that desire to put him out can continue to be sustained in the coming months.” 
Data below the fold.

Let's look at some of the data.  First, what do walkers favorable/unfavorable's look like?
Split, but not favorable.  Among the key voting constituencies (30 - 65), Walker is solidly unfavorable.  What about some of his potential rivals? How about Russ Feingold?
Much better.  The unfavorables are low and the "not sure" category provides some room for him to move his favorables up.  Now, Tom Barrett
Tom's unfavorables are quite low, though his "not sure" category is high. But even if the unknowns split evenly, he's favorable.  And for the possible match up of these guys and Scott Walker?  Well, here's the gravy, #WIUnion!
SMACK! Walker goes down!
SMACK! Walker goes down!  And the GOP controlled Senate?

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