Thursday, May 19, 2011

These are your Wages on Democrats vs. These are your Wages on Republicans

GOP Prosperity Plan
Nothing is so apparent to the working man or woman as the movement of wages and inflation.  The Economic Policy Institute has put together a report (pdf) and an interactive chart showing the effects of policy on wages in America and who benefits most.  The results are, if you're paying attention to your paycheck, obvious.  Below the fold are some screen shots of Presidential periods and the impact of policy on wage.  Nothing is really shocking.  GOP policies favor rich Americans, Democratic policies favor all Americans.
Here's your wages under Democratic policies under President Clinton:

The Clinton Years
While the distribution is certainly not as balanced as it has been in the past, the bottom 90% consume a respectable 37% of the total increase in wages.  Not as high as it was during the Eisenhower years, 1953 - 1961
The Eisenhower Years
where wages of the bottom 90% shared in 56% of the overall wage increases.  A much more equitable distribution of the growth in productivity.

But for our reactionary modern Republicans, Eisenhower was clearly a socialist.  Here's what they feel is appropriate for wage growth in America
The GWB Years
Hey, where'd the blue 90% go?  Oh yeah, their average income declined under GOP economic policies.  This same bunch of hucksters is looking to do more of the same.  Don't be fooled.  As the EPI report clearly shows,

U.S. productivity grew by 62.5% from 1989 to 2010, far more than real hourly wages for both private-sector and state/local government workers, which grew 12% in the same period. Real hourly compensation grew a bit more  (20.5% for state/local workers and 17.9% for private-sector workers) but still lagged far behind productivity growth.

But my favorite, favorite, favorite chart shows wage effects under Nixon I
The Nixon I Years
The bottom 90% shared 94% of the benefits.  Amazing.  I guess Nixon was a crook after all.  A Socialist crook stealing money from those poor, poor rich people.

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